Xiangzhen Lü

Currently working as Product Designer at Runwise Consulting
3-year work experience, Master's in Interface Design
Born on Mar 28, 1988, now in Guangzhou
[email protected] +86 150 1065 1360  firenze-lu

One individually-developed weather app in app store

Two-year product design: proficient in need finding, competitive analysis, user definition, interaction & UI, development & iteration, usability test, product release

Three-year work experience in Hong Kong media: responsible for corporate VI design, website operation, App-based product design

Two-year Master's in Germany & full-score graduation: proficient in interaction, UI, UX & 3D design skills, and tested via projects

Subjects with full scores in Master's & Bachelor's: App-based design, IoT & smart home appliances, 3D modeling, Marketing in China, English writing

Highlights: the piano player, the music site owner, the columnist, the IELTS 8-er, the nominated director in the 2015 Fulldome Festival

One-year Gap Year: travelling, learning, thinking & doing altogether


Ming Pao Weekly (Hong Kong)
May 2012 - Aug 2013 (1.5 years)
Digital Editor
3 subordinates, report to Chief Editor
Quitted after applying Master's in Germany

For more than 40 years, Ming Pao Weekly has been Hong Kong's premier magazine of entertainment, celebrity and fashion.

• In charge of product design of iPad magazine (need finding, competitive analysis, interaction design, collaborating with IT & art departments to push forward design & development, testing & iteration, and training colleagues on using CMS)
• Responsible for product operations of HTML / Flash magazines

• iPad magazine was successfully launched in App Store on 14 Jun, 2013, and rose to No. 23 in the US market under the Entertainment Magazine category

C Y Leung Campaign Office (Hong Kong)
Nov 2011 - Mar 2012 (half year)
New Media Executive
Team of 4, report to Dept Head
Quitted after closure of Campaign Office

The Campaign Office was opened on Nov 1, 2011. C Y Leung was elected Fourth Chief Executive of Hong Kong in March 2012.

• Responsible for C Y Leung's Campaign Website operation
• Responsible for major SNS operation (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Sina & Tencent Weibo)

• Designed landing page of Campaign Website, which increased its Alexa Ranking by 56.5%, Google Ranking by 35.3%, Bing Ranking by 38.6%, referring domains by 130.4%

China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong)
Jul 2010 - Nov 2011 (1.5 years)
Communication & Research Officer
Team of 10, report to Dept Head
Quitted after internal referral to next job

Dr. C P Ho was former Secretary for Home Affairs under the Tung Chee Hwa Administration in Hong Kong, leading this not-for-profit energy think tank after his retirement in 2007.

• In charge of corporate website operation
• In charge of corporate VI design (printed & electronic material, logo, fonts, color scheme, templates)
• In charge of Dr. C P Ho's personal website & website of National Education

• Designed slideshows, posters & brochures for corporate events, significantly enhancing corporate image & communicative result
• Successfully accompanying top management's visit to Iran


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Apr 2014 - Apr 2016 (2 years)
Master's, Media Art & Design
Specialized in Interface Design

Bauhaus is the birthplace of world's modern design, as well as world's first design school. Its Media Faculty is also the very first of its kind established in Germany.

Responsive web design, mobile UI / UX / interaction, human-computer interaction, Internet of things, 3D animation / modeling / printing

• Master's Thesis "Live Magnet": 1.0 (full score), with distinction
• Film Project "Bedtime Story": Selected as Finalist among 94 contributions in Fulldome Festival 2015

City University of Hong Kong
Sep 2006 - Jul 2010 (4 years)
Bachelor's, Media & Communication
Minor in China Business

City University of Hong Kong is listed No. 49 globally, No. 7 in Asia and No. 3 in Hong Kong in QS World University Rankings in 2017.

Desktop publishing, visual communication, intercultural communication, marketing

• Selected in Dean's List (top 5%)
• Received Mainland Students Entrance Scholarship (university level) for all four years of study

California State University, Long Beach
Aug 2008 - Jan 2009 (half year)
Exchange Study

CSULB has been recognized as one of "America's Best Value Colleges" by the Princeton Review.

Psychology, feature writing

• Received Student Exchange Scholarship (faculty level)


Tiankong Weather (App)
Mar - Jun 2017
Product Director

A Windows 10 universal app which provides info on weather forecast & Air Quality Index (AQI).

• Independently accomplished App UI design, feature development (C# / XAML / HeWeather API, supporting Live Tiles & lock screen notifications), publishing

• App passed Microsoft certification & published to Windows Store

Live Magnet (Product)
Oct 2015 - Apr 2016
Product Director

A pervasive display project that takes the form factor of a fridge magnet, utilizing e-paper display, BLE module & Arduino, etc.

• Independently accomplished the overall procedure of product development, incl. product design (BRD, MRD & PRD composition), industrial design (shell 3D modeling & 3D printing), interaction design (interaction flow, UI design), development & iteration (Processing, HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP), user study
• Developed a functional prototype, incl. hardware (Live Magnet) & software (Live Magnet App & PC client)

• As Master's Thesis, this project received 1.0 (full score), with distinction

Bedtime Story (3D Fulldome Film)
Sep 2014 - Jul 2015
Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Composer

A 3D fulldome animation film, combining green-screen footages, 3D models & computer graphics altogether & utilizing spatial sound, 360-degree video, etc.

• Independently accomplished conception, direction & postproduction (3D modeling, After Effects, Audition) of film
• Developed a film with a length of 4'20", and composed & performed three pieces of original music for the film

• Selected as Finalist among 94 contributions in Fulldome Festival 2015


WeChat WeApp Development
Aug 2017 - now

• View & rendering, event, configuration, life cycle, parameter passing
• UI layout, component, navigation, multimedia, map, canvas
• API & function call
• Product requirement analysis & prototype design
• Publishing WeApps

Windows 10 (UWP) Development
Jan - Jun 2017
Bob Tabor (Channel 9)

• XAML & UI layout, component, navigation, style
• C# syntax, API call
• Application debugging & publishing

• Developed & published Tiankong Weather app

Web Design
Apr - Sep 2014

• CSS3 & Bootstrap
• JavaScript & jQuery, DOM, event & effects

• Created & published my portfolio website


Hejun Microlecture
May 2017 - now

Hejun Microlecture is a streaming product under Hejun Business School, aiming at establishing a platform for teaching business and career skills.

• Helped Hejun in Microlecture product design, incl. product definition, backend planning & lecturer training

• Hejun Microlecture was officially released on Sep 2017

Hong Kong Model United Nations 2010
Jan 2010

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic emulation of the United Nations General Assembly and other multilateral agencies, in order to train youths to become global citizens.

• Participated throughout the event & represented Canada in the World Health Organization (WHO)
• Clearly expounded the position of Canada in pandemic control
• Actively participated in drafting the Resolution & canvassing for support from allied countries

• Contributed to the successful pass of Resolution

Southern Weekly
Dec 2009
Journalist (Internship)

Southern Weekly, hosted by Nanfang Media Group, is a serious and credible newspaper in China, and shares the largest circulation among weekly newspapers.

• News hotline answering, background information mining, printing plate adjustment, recording transcription

• Macau: The casino dream of a decade (Dec 24, 2009), Reporter: Pan Xiaoling, Lu Xiangzhen (Intern)



Photoshop, Illustrator
InDesign, Publisher
After Effects, Premiere Pro
Axure, Sketch, Adobe XD
3ds Max, Fusion 360


JavaScript, jQuery


English (IELTS 8.0)
German (B1)